women10Hi, and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Maria Green. I’m from Sacramento and I have a job as a fitness coach.

I started this blog to show people the meaning of self-improvement and to encourage them to improve their life.

My mission is precisely to empower women, help them to be happy, independent, with a nice personality, healthy and fit and also to cultivate their will power.

Life is not easy, especially for women and in some country is very hard to be a woman.

Althought I was born in America, I was brought up in a miserable environment.

My dad was an alcoholic, a drug user and a very violent person. He used to beat my mother up and also me and my brother.

I ran away from home when I was only 14 and I managed to create a new life, a better life.

That wasn’t easy at all. The first six months I live on the street, then I joined a street gang, I was involved in many criminal activities, until one day I decided that was enough, I couldn’t take it anymore so I tried to commit suicide.

Fortunately, I was rescued on time and taken to the hospital.

I was 18 but I felt 60 years old.

Trying to commit suicide it helps me to change my life.

I had the fortune to meet new people, people that helped me to realized my potential.

I stopped taking drugs and I started running and going to a local gym. This is were I decided to become a fitness coach.

I have managed to turn my life around, and now I would like to help people to do the same.

Life is short, we need to do our best to be happy most of the time!

I hope you find it as interesting as I do! Welcome to my blog.