How to Achieve Willpower and Why It’s Important

If you’re wondering why self-discipline matters in any being, then you should be considering how you achieve your goals without your own willpower involved. Apparently, it will be a lot more difficult to attain what you want in life when you don’t even have enough determination to reach your dreams. Hence, achieving willpower is definitely important just like breathing to survive. If you want to be happy you need a strong daily will power.

Willpower is the key to success. Successful people strive no matter what they feel by applying their will to overcome apathy, doubt or fear. – Dan Millman

Willpower is compared to a mental muscle.

It is possible for you to control it in the best possible way. In fact, people who can train their mental muscle get better chances in living successfully while staying happy. For instance, when choosing what you eat, drink, or do, it all depends on what you both need and want. People usually think that satisfying their own cravings can help them stay happy although their health is compromised.

The Power of Self-Control

Truth is, when discovering your inner strengths; you will have to be aware of your own actions and your way of thinking. Self-control is a crucial factor to deal with oneself. However, achieving a happier and more successful life lies on how you control yourself in such a way that will lead you to the right decisions in life.

Developing, conserving and boosting that willpower will need you to explore its scientific relation and human value. In fact, we are separated from animals through willpower since it is our capacity to control our impulses while resisting temptations. With that, we are expected to do what is completely right or good for our own sake. It’s not what you want to eat, drink, or do at the moment but what can help you in the long term.

The Successful Ones and the Deprived Ones

The obedient and well disciplined Victorians for example all have that self-control when doing things and making decisions. On the contrary, there are people who have been abusive with their will which led them to evil adventures just like the Nazis. During 1960s, Walter Mischel, a sociologist, studied on young children with interest on their resistance to instant gratification. Mischel offered the kids two choices – to have one marshmallow now or two pieces later once they can successfully wait for 15 minutes.

Many years later, he was able to track down some of those children and found astonishing results. Finally concluded in year 2010, children who were able to wait for 15 minutes are now happier, healthier, and wealthier. But those who have low willpower are struggling academically and are working for low-paying jobs therefore have few savings. The bottom line is that self-control is indeed a vital predictor to have success in the future.

What You Can Do

To improve your self-discipline, it’s helpful to control your impulses, thoughts and even emotions in order to overcome difficult tasks in everyday life. Take initiatives, make the right choices and decisions, and use your willpower wisely. If one is able to train his own strength of mind, then he will be more likely to succeed in life.




Maria Green