Secrets of how to be happy

If you ask yourself how to be happy, the answer is in you. If you want to be happy, you have to accept that you have to enjoy what you are doing, to be active in society and nurture your relationships.

Happiness is not so unattainable, you can learn how to be happy

It seems that the pursuit of happiness has become a national preoccupation, writes the Daily Mail saying that prominent economists, politicians and psychologists involved in endless discussions on the best ways to create a happy society, and the ‘happiness index’ that established British Prime Minister aims to establish to what extent the British satisfied.

happy smileBookstores are full of self-help books that promise the key to the secrets of happiness.
Last week, the British Institute of Economic Affairs prosaic concluded that the money in the game has an important role. However, there are many simple things that can help you on the path to happiness, such as friends, family, pets, nature walk, a good book, learn something new … The list can be endless. New Book Leo Bormans “In the World Book of Happiness” attempts to probe deeper happiness. Bormans listed exploration and discovery of the world’s leading experts in the field of psychology of happiness, and what the book offers is surprising and inspiring. First accept what you have. Studies show that happy people have a modest level of expectations and aspirations, simply, want what you can get. At the same time, unhappy people seem to never fail to get what they want. Lucky also know how to avoid disappointments and to generate pleasant surprises, because they try to achieve only realistic goals. ‘We spend a lot of time grumbling about things that happen around us, but it’s a waste of time and energy, “says Dr. Jose de Jesus Garcia Vega of Mexico’s University of Monterrey.

# ”To be happy, we have to accept what we have.

# “Second enjoy what you do, happy people do what they enjoy and enjoy what they do and do not do it for money or fame.

happy peopleNo sense stuck in a job that you hate, surrounded by colleagues uncomfortable just because it pays good. People forget that they must be at work and be happy. ‘Many people will spend the best years of his life trying to make money, sacrificing their health in order to end and money spent trying to restore their lost health and estranged family.

# 3rd if you want to be happy, live for today.

do not think about the past, things that have gone wrong or previous failures. Likewise, do not dream of an idealized future that does not exist and do not worry about what has not happened yet. Happy people live for the moment, they have a positive attitude. If you cannot be happy now, why do you think that tomorrow will be different?

# 4th Choose happiness

and do not be afraid to stop for a moment and re-evaluate their goals. Imagine your life as a story that you can edit and revise. This flexible approach requires positive thinking and an open mind, you should, in fact, actively choose to be happy. ‘You always have the freedom to choose how you want to approach any situation, “says Dr. Garcia Vega. You are the one who choose and have the answer for your questions.

Doing my reserchs for this post I have found this webiste, where you can find some really nice tips on how to be happy.

Here are few nice quotes on how to be happy that I have found on this website.

“Waking up to see another day is a blessing. Don’t take it for granted. Make it count and be happy that you’re alive.”

“Life is better when you are Happy but life is at its best, when other people are Happy for You! Make someone feel Happy today!”

“Be happy with what you have and are, be generous with both, and you won’t have to hunt for happiness.” William E. Gladstone




Maria Green