Ten Ways to Empower Women

There can be many ways to advocate woman empowerment. Focus on the health and safety issues, education, hold of responsibility and independence for women are to name a few of these steps.

Here’s ten ways to nurture a woman’s value.

1. Create or manage a safe place for women. Join organizations that empower women. Participate in a group where there is discussion about woman’s rights, safety, health and other timely issues. Be an advocate for women in simple ways. Contribute to learning and growth of each woman. READ global centers provide a safe place for women to meet and do learning activities.

2. Support woman’s independence and freedom. Some countries in the world still have their women struggling for independence from their husbands or family. Help promote gender equity and freedom. Local READ centers help women learn to travel freely outside of their homes independently.

3. Literacy is power. Some women around the world are still illiterate making them less dependent on themselves and vulnerable towards the environment. Teaching even simple knowledge about reading and writing, recognizing road signs and other basic knowledge can help women live more outside the shadow of people they depend on. READ global centers have been able to teach thousands of women to read each year.

4. Learn to gain income and manage savings. Savings cooperatives are available in READ centers. The savings cooperatives allow women to create savings accounts for themselves and for their children. They also offer loans for women to start their own business.

5. Learn basic job skills and how to start a business. At READ centers, women are educated to do sewing, farming and other income-generating skills.

6. Help build self-esteem and boost confidence. READ centers provide a place where women can freely express themselves and help them become more comfortable on their own skin. READ centers help empower women by giving them the opportunity to practice freedom of speech and helping them voice out their opinions in a group.

7. Enhance decision-making capability. By coming to the READ center, women learn to use proper decision-making skills in their homes and community. They become more beneficial to their family and in the community by being able to provide ideas and suggestions for the betterment of their environment.

8. Health education. Health information and trainings are provided in READ centers. Women should be mindful of their health to preserve their quality of life. READ centers caters information about family planning, reproductive health, women’s rights and awareness of domestic violence. READ helps empower women by helping a lot of women acknowledge their rights and privileges in the society.

9. Creating social networks for women. Joining support groups is a healthy way to empower women. Socializing and having networks for women help them address their issues cohesively and give them a sense of solidarity with each other. READ centers inspire women to exercise their autonomy and freedom together.

10. Support the creation of a public role for women. In South Asia, women rarely hold a public leadership role. READ centers provides leadership training to help increase the number of women in the public service. In this modern age of society, women should be given opportunity to hold public service, to become an advocate for women in their community and country, and preserve their dignity in the society.




Maria Green